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REF-851-082-003 Intermec - Univ Power supply, 12VDC 50W FW5012 340 E-MAIL
REF-871-025-002 Intermec - Single Dock + Battery charger for CK3/CN3 338 E-MAIL
REF-850-561-001 Intermec - Snap-On Adapter, CN3/CN4 series, P/A Snap-on power adapter (Power/Audio) 307 E-MAIL
BNKSXENTAMNT Banksys Xenta Terminal Mounts (plastic) 300 E-MAIL
REF-852-066-001 Intermec - Auto Power Adapter, CN3/CN4 series. Auto Cigarette Lighter Adapter 284 E-MAIL
REP-MC70 Motorola MC70 Repair 153 E-MAIL
4970444635 NCR Lens for 2x20 Customer Display 100 E-MAIL
REF-CN3AQH830G2E200 CN3A, Area Imager (EA11), 8.89 cm (3.5 ") . QVGA 128MB RAM/256MB ROM, WLAN 802.11 86 E-MAIL
PWRS-14000-249R Symbol Power Supply 5.4V 3A (86-14000-249R) 71 E-MAIL
25-112560-01R Symbol Motorola Charge Cable For MC55/MC65/MC67 (25-112560-01R) 63 E-MAIL
1750074636 RS232 Beetle COM3 COM4 Board 59 E-MAIL
BR24464 Ingenico AC-Adapter 12V 3.6A 57 E-MAIL
4970424052 NCR Riser Card Dual PCI 51 E-MAIL
4970432051 NCR Powered USB Card 50 E-MAIL
50-14000-249R Symbol Power Supply 5.4V 3A (EADP-16BB A) 50 E-MAIL
4970419909 NCR Power Supply 100-240V API0PO26 50 E-MAIL
WSAP5110100WWR Sym AP300 Acces Port 49 E-MAIL
4450656015 NCR 16 Key Rubber Mat / FDK Assy for keyboard inlay 45 E-MAIL
50-14000-148R Symbol PSU 100-240 VAC 12VDC 3.33A 43 E-MAIL
REF-50-16002-029R Motorola  DC Cable For Power supply (50-16002-029R) 43 E-MAIL
50-14001-004R Symbol power supply for Single and 4-Slot Cradle (50-14001-004R) 39 E-MAIL
01750037984 WINCOR PS extern TG-0652-24V P/N 01750037984 37 E-MAIL
REF-CRD400-1000R ES400 USB Single-Slot Cradle (included PSU / Adapter) 33 E-MAIL
1054011 Motorola Car Charger for A780/E680/E770/E770v 33 E-MAIL
SG-ES4021210-01R Motorola High Quality Leather holster for the ES400 (SG-ES4021210-01R) 30 E-MAIL
REF-WSAP-5110-050-WWR Symbol AP 300 (Single Radio, 802.11b/g only with antennas, beige hard plastic 30 E-MAIL
8-0761 AC-Adapter Magellan 8200 PSM28U-201 26 E-MAIL
25-62417-23 Symbol keyboard wedge cable PS2 20ft 25 E-MAIL
SAC9500-4000CR Motorola MC9500 4-Slot Battery Charger 25 E-MAIL
A411502 Scantech-ID Castor C-5010 Power Supply 110/240V, 5>12v 25 E-MAIL
REF-851-094-012 Intermec Ac Power Supply 70-Series 851-094-012 25 E-MAIL
REN-MC9090-GF0HBFGA2WR MC9090 Gun, 802.11a/b/g, SE1224, Colour, 64/64MB, 43 key, Windows CE 5.0, Bluetooth 24 E-MAIL
REF-851-095-121 Intermec 851-095-121 CN50/CN51 Universal Supply, 12V 48W 20 E-MAIL
1750062186 WNI MDR Data Cable DCC 2.0M Beige 20 E-MAIL
MC35VEHMOUNT Symbol MC35 Vehicle Windscreen Mount 20 E-MAIL
9064000002 Banksys Xenta Payment Terminal (BE) 20 E-MAIL
REP-MX7 Honeywell LXE MX7 (Tecton) Repair 20 E-MAIL
1750180802 WNI PoweredUSB Kit 12V/24V 20 E-MAIL
20-61019-02 Symbol Flexible Intellistand LS22xx (black) 18 E-MAIL
REF-TRST-A10-SC1-QM-R Toshiba TEC Direct thermal printer Single-sided, 80MM, 203dpi, 18 E-MAIL
REF-852-074-001 Intermec Vehicle Power Adapter 852-074-001 for CN70/CK70 17 E-MAIL
CRD9500-4000ER Motorola CRD9500-4000ER 4 Bay Ethernet Charge Cradle 17 E-MAIL
TW2223S-9670 Fanless Lexcom Twister 17 E-MAIL
REF-852-071-002 Intermec 70 Series - Vehicle Power Adapter, Cigarette Lighter, 18 Pin Connector. 15 E-MAIL
FE4830 150A130PE FRIWO AC Adapter FE4830 150A130PE 15V/1300mA/19,5VA (PN: FE4830 150A130PE) 13 E-MAIL
REF-ACK-540U Keyboard Mini Compact USB  w/ Touchpad Mouse (Black) 13 E-MAIL
MC5521110-01R Sym MC55 Holster 13 E-MAIL
VCH400-1000R Motorola ES400 Vehicle Holder Gooseneck (VCH400-1000) 12 E-MAIL
MC7094-P2CDCRHA96R MC70, SiRF III  GPS, WLAN 802.11a/b/g, GSM/Edge/eGPRS, 2D Pico with Red Dot Aim 11 E-MAIL
REF-K-1 Metapace Cash Drawer K-1 11 E-MAIL
REF-M244A Epson TM-T88V, Black, Serial & USB 10 E-MAIL
REF-FDDWH Floppy Disk Drive White 10 E-MAIL
461997-AD1 HP iPAQ 5v 1a PSAA05K-050 AC Adapter (PN: 461997-AD1) 10 E-MAIL
PWRS-14000-148R Symbol PSU 100-240 VAC 12VDC 4.16A 10 E-MAIL
25-68596-01R Symbol  USB Client Communication Cable (25-68596-01R) 10 E-MAIL
CAC400-1000UR Motorola Car Charger 12V 10 E-MAIL
4970430025 Mainboard RealPOS 80 Rev v1.0 10 E-MAIL
M159A Epson AC-Adapter PS 180 24V 2.0A (PN: M159A) 10 E-MAIL
GCR-8523B CD-ROM Drive 52x EIDE White 10 E-MAIL
33936.00.028 Wincor TA61 Keyboard Circuit Film 10 E-MAIL
006-1056857A TIGER POWER ADP-5501 24V 2.3A 55W (PN: 006-1056857A) 9 E-MAIL
REF-M159B Epson AC-Adapter PS 180 24V 2.1A (PN: M159B) 9 E-MAIL
PWRS-14000-241R Motorola - Power supply (100-240 VAC, 12VDC, 9A) 8 E-MAIL
REF-852-065-001 Intermec 852-065-001 Quad Battery Charger For use with CN3 8 E-MAIL
18444 Dymo Rhino Label Vinyl 12mm x 5.5m 8 E-MAIL
1750025654 PLINK VGA Interface Card for Beetle Baxx Touchscreen 8 E-MAIL
REN-MC9090-GF0HBGGA2WR MC9090-G, Gun, 802.11a/b/g, SE1224, Color, 64/64MB, 53 VT Key, WCE 5.0, Bluetooth 8 E-MAIL
ADP9000-100 Motorola Cable Adapter Module for Motorola MC90XX 8 E-MAIL
REF-CRD5500-4000ER MC55/MC65 4 Slot Ethernet charging cradle (CRD5500-4000ER) 7 E-MAIL
N60-240250-I1 GLANCETRON PS01-60 24V 2.5A (PN: N60-240250-I1) 7 E-MAIL
EPA-203D-1 Scantech ID EPA-203D-1 7 E-MAIL
PWRS-14000-242R Symbol Power Supply for 4-Slot Battery Charger (PWRS-14000-242R) 7 E-MAIL
REF-AL9705-EDCX55XS AL9705 FEC kassasysteem 7 E-MAIL
REF-PWRS-14000-241R Motorola - Power supply (100-240 VAC, 12VDC, 9A) 7 E-MAIL
REF-DS457-SR20009 Motorola DS457-SR20009 Fixed-Mount Barcode Reader, Black 6 E-MAIL
NEW-MX7392BATT Battery - Lithiom Ion - Battery Rechargeable LXE MX7 6 E-MAIL
WP10050I POWDEC WP10050I AC/DC Adapter Power Supply 5V 2A 10W (PN: WP10050I) 6 E-MAIL
LUMIA625 Nokia Lumia 625 6 E-MAIL
50-14000-009R Symbol 50-14000-009R 220 V Power supply 6 E-MAIL
REF-815-068-001 Intermec Holster For Ck70/Ck71 Without Scan Handle 815-068-001 6 E-MAIL
REF-25-58926-04R Symbol 25-58926-04R USB to 9-Pin-Female Cable, Straight, 6 inch 6 E-MAIL
4450595138 NCR Advert Window ATM 6 E-MAIL
9067000001 Banksys Yomani Payment Terminal (FR) incl. Merchant Unit 5 E-MAIL
TM-T88III (WHITE) Epson 129C Serial White (TM-T88III) 5 E-MAIL
TOUCH65-PROB Datalogic Touch 65 Pro Barcodescanner Black (USB) 5 E-MAIL
18445 Dymo Rhino Label Vinyl 19mm x 5.5m 5 E-MAIL
0068602040 Sharp 12.1 inch Backlight LQOB217 5 E-MAIL
50-14000-241R Symbol voeding 12 VDC 9A, voeding (Power supply) 12 VDC, 9A voor Symbol 4-slots cradle 5 E-MAIL
REP-D6000 Honeywell D6000 Repair 5 E-MAIL
2900 Glancetron 2900 Barcodescanner with USB 5 E-MAIL
REF-52559A-N-3-FR Honeywell USB kabel for Honeywell Vuquest 3310g en 4980 5 E-MAIL
REF-3310G Honeywell Vuquest 3310g 2D barcode scanner 5 E-MAIL
50-14000-147 Symbol power supply for MC50 & MC1000 single slot cradles (PN: 50-14000-147) 5 E-MAIL
M159B Epson AC-Adapter PS 180 24V 2.1A (PN: M159B) 5 E-MAIL
REP-SMGL Samsung Galaxy Tab Repair 4 E-MAIL
REF-AL9705-EDC255XS AL9705 - FEC Kassasysteem 4 E-MAIL
STB4278-C0007WR Symbol LS4278 Charging cradle (black) 4 E-MAIL
25-95214-03R Symbol Charge Only Cable Assy (Needs PWRS-14000-249R) 4 E-MAIL
1750087989 WNI Power Supply 100-240V API2PO15 4 E-MAIL
8070 Glancetron Cash Drawer 8070 4 E-MAIL
1750139364 External Power Supply for Beetle X series R001062 3 E-MAIL
1750024663 Wincor-Nixdorf BA72A-LC-DISPLAY / TOUCH 3 E-MAIL
25-70979-01R Symbol Motorola  Auto Charge Cable for MC70/MC75 (VDN60-050A-1) 3 E-MAIL
25-70979-02R Symbol Motorola  Auto Charge Cable for MC70/MC75 (CCA17W01-54V) 3 E-MAIL
CRD5500-1000UR Motorola CRD5500-1000UR MC55/MC65/MC67 1-Slot Serial/USB Cradle 3 E-MAIL
STB2000-C10007R STB2000 Single Slot Charge Only Cradle with ActiveSync 3 E-MAIL
REF-851-095-131 Intermec 851-095-131 Power Supply, 12V, 48W 3 E-MAIL
REF-9070010001 Yomani ML Terminal with NFC 3 E-MAIL
NEW-PD-305B Posiflex PD305B Customer Display (PN: PD-305B) 3 E-MAIL
82-111636-01 Battery Symbol Motorola MC9590 MC9500 MC9596 MC95 82-111636-01 4800mah 3 E-MAIL
20-61019-01 Symbol Flexible Intellistand LS22xx (white) 3 E-MAIL
59-59235-N3 USB CBL 3 E-MAIL
REF-50-16002-042R Motorola  DC Cable For Power supply (50-16002-042R) 3 E-MAIL
REP-CRD3000 Motorola CRD3000 Repair 3 E-MAIL
REF-Backcover-MC75-Pistol Grip Snap on cleat for MC75 pistol grip 2 E-MAIL
REP-WS5100 Symbol WS5100 Repair 2 E-MAIL
NEW-50-16002-042R Motorola  DC Cable For Power supply (50-16002-042R) 2 E-MAIL
LS4208-SR20001ZZR Symbol LS4208 USB Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner (Beige) 2 E-MAIL
25-17821-20 Synapse Adapter Cable (6 ft.) for the LS 4074-4075-P460 Scanner Cradle 2 E-MAIL
STI80-0200 Symbol Technologies STI80-0200 Motorola Synapse Cable 2 E-MAIL
50-14000-242R Symbol Power Supply for 4-Slot Battery Charger (50-14000-242R) 2 E-MAIL
01750151330 Delta Electronics AC/DC Adapter TADP-65AB Wincor Nixdorf TH230 (PN: 01750151330) 2 E-MAIL
REF-PWRS-14000-148R Symbol PSU 100-240 VAC 12VDC 4.16A 2 E-MAIL
REF-CRD5500-1000UR Motorola CRD5500-1000UR MC55/MC65/MC67 1-Slot Serial/USB Cradle 2 E-MAIL
REF-MC9090-GF0HBGGA2WR MC9090-G, Gun, 802.11a/b/g, SE1224, Color, 64/64MB, 53 VT Key, WCE 5.0, Bluetooth 2 E-MAIL
NEW-50-14000-241R Symbol voeding 12 VDC 9A, voeding (Power supply) 12 VDC, 9A voor Symbol 4-slots cradle 2 E-MAIL
50-14000-107 SYMBOL  PSU B100 9V 2A for 1 slot CRD1X00/2X00/8 (PN: 50-14000-107) 2 E-MAIL
REF-H745-EDD2451S H745 - FEC kassasysteem 2 E-MAIL
MC9521110-01R Motorola MC95 Soft Fabric Holster (MC9521110-01R) 2 E-MAIL
REP-MX8 Honeywell LXE MX8 Repair 2 E-MAIL
PWRS-14000-058R Symbol Motorola PSU PWRS-14000-058R 5V 2A 100-250VAC (PN: PWRS-14000-058R) 2 E-MAIL
CRD9500-4000CR Motorola MC9500 4-Slot Charge-Only Cradle 2 E-MAIL
VCD5500-1001R Symbol Motorola vehicle cradle for MC55 - MC65 (VCD5500) 2 E-MAIL
VCD7000-P000R Symbol vehicle cradle for MC70XX (VCD7000-P000) 2 E-MAIL
MX5XE02H0M2R1N0FCBCA0S0K1C0 LXE MX5 CE 4.2 Pro Plus PXA 255 Color 512MB 1D (Cold store -30 degrees) 2 E-MAIL
9064010001 Banksys Xenta Payment Terminal (NL) 2 E-MAIL
1750049339 WNI MSR Cardreader (DIN) for Beetle 2 E-MAIL
E3615051 Scantech integrated PSU SG20 2 E-MAIL
PA03289-0111 Pad Assembly for fi-C601P 2 E-MAIL
1017319 Epson Printhead 2 E-MAIL
VCA5500-01R MC55/MC65 Vehicle Charger 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter 2 E-MAIL
MSR213U UIC MSR Card Reader (USB, Black) 49-U32-01 2 E-MAIL
MK9520STAND Metrologic MK9520 Stand (Black) 2 E-MAIL
1750060915 WNI KA21 Base Assembly 2 E-MAIL
66001 Banksys C-ZAM Spin Manual Swipe Reader (Hybrid) NL 2 E-MAIL
TM-T88II Epson TM-T88II 2 E-MAIL
4970462083 PCB - Daughterboard USB POS I/O 2 E-MAIL
7460-K452 NCR kit 2x20 VFD integrated customer display 2 E-MAIL
MS9520 Metrologic Voyager MS9520 Black 2 E-MAIL
CRD3000-4000ER Symbol 4 slot Cradle with Ethernet 2 E-MAIL
4450618859 NCR PCB Interface Board Misc. 1 E-MAIL
4450592112 NCR Pick Line 1 E-MAIL
1416-C019-0040 CABLE - SCAN/SCALE RS232 1 E-MAIL
H9PP470 Symbol P470 Gun Scanner 1 E-MAIL
951251703 Datalogic Falcon 4420 GUN PDA 1 E-MAIL
1750035851 WNI KA18 Cashdrawer 1 E-MAIL
7194-2105-9001 NCR 7194 Thermal Printer 1 E-MAIL
0402-254-00000 Zebra DA402 Labelprinter 1 E-MAIL
9064100001 Banksys C-ZAM Merchant Unit for Xenta 1 E-MAIL
84132400-001220101 Magellan 8402 Counter Scanner New 1 E-MAIL
MK2290-0N0SFKBWTWR Symbol MK2290 Price Verifier 1 E-MAIL
CHS3000-4001CR Symbol MC3xxx 4 slot cradle/charger 1 E-MAIL
1750036705 WNI Power Supply 100-240V API0PO23 1 E-MAIL
5090008192 DOOR-PLATE 1 E-MAIL
REP-MC55 Symbol MC55 Repair 1 E-MAIL
BUYBACK Buy Back IT Asset Recovery 1 E-MAIL
VF-SC5000 Verifone SC5000 1 E-MAIL
322892-001 Videocard NVIDIA Quadro4 100NVS 64MB 1 E-MAIL
70E-LW0-C111XE Honeywell Dolphin 70e Touchscreen PDA 1 E-MAIL
ALG10X-P01 Handheld Algiz 10X Rugged Tablet 4GB/128GB SSD/Win7/Intel Atom 1.86Ghz 1 E-MAIL
ALG10X-10A Handheld Algiz 10X External Charger for Std/Ext Batteries, Needs ALG7-13A or HH-12VB 1 E-MAIL
ALG7-13A Handheld Algiz 7/10X Spare AC Charger 1 E-MAIL
STB4278C0001WR Symbol Cradle - Radio & Charger 1 E-MAIL
PA03951-0153 Fujitsu Pick Roller M 4097D 1 E-MAIL
PA03289-0001 Pick Roller for fi-C601P 1 E-MAIL
TBC120 Barmann data Collector 1 E-MAIL
1750062151 PLINK Interface Card for Beetle/BAxx Touchscreen 1 E-MAIL
1750104375 PLINK Interface Card for Beetle/BAxx Touchscreen 1 E-MAIL
ST546i Thomson Modem ST546i (ISDN) 1 E-MAIL
F070000 Epson Printhead LQ2080/LQ580/LQ680 1 E-MAIL
9273CBTC-0010 Infortrend External Battery pack - Li-Ion 1 E-MAIL
9270CFANMOD-0010 Infortrend EonStor 9270CFanMod-0010 Fan Module 1 E-MAIL
D:PC21-CMDRR03 WNI Cash-out Cassette CMD V4 1 E-MAIL
5972-2800 NCR RealPOS 2x20 Pole Display High-Bright Black 1 E-MAIL
REP-ES400 Motorola Symbol ES400 Repair 1 E-MAIL
F081000 Epson Printhead 1 E-MAIL
PA03951-0151 Pad Assembly 1 E-MAIL
BTRY-MC55EAB02 Battery for MC55/MC65 3600mAh 1 E-MAIL
25-61987-01R Symbol Motorola VCD9000 Power Cable (25-61987-01R) 1 E-MAIL
REP-LS3408 LS3408 Repair 1 E-MAIL
REP-VX3+ Honeywell LXE VX3 Plus vehicle-mount computer Repair 1 E-MAIL
REP-CK31 Intermec CK31 Repair 1 E-MAIL
VCA9500-01R Motorola Cable Auto Chrg 12/24volt MC9500 (VCA9500-01R) 1 E-MAIL
NEW-MC32N0-GL3HCHEIA Motorola MC3200 Gun, 1D Laser, Compact 7, 38 Keypad, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) 1 E-MAIL
REP-MC9190 Motorola Symbol MC9190 Repair 1 E-MAIL
CV30A0E1100803 Intermec CV30 Handheld Computer - WM5.0 (WWE), TE2000, Heated, 802.11 b/g 1 E-MAIL
871-032-102 Honeywell 4-Bay-charger, for Honeywell CN51 1 E-MAIL
CRD9000-4001E Symbol CRD9000-4001E 4 Slot Ethernet Cradle 1 E-MAIL
CRD9500-101UES MOTOROLA MC9500 Single Bay Cradle Kit 1 E-MAIL
REF-TM-T88IV M129H - Epson printer M129H SERIEEL (BLACK) 1 E-MAIL
REF-TC55BH-J011ES Zebra Motorola TC55  GPS, Cam, 10,9cm, USB, BT, Wifi, GSM-Voice, 3G, NFC 1 E-MAIL
REF-M129H Epson TM-T88IV 1 E-MAIL
REF-C31CA85042 Epson TM-T88V, USB, RS232, black 1 E-MAIL
REF-851-089-003 Intermec 851-089-003 Univ Pwr Supply 5V FW1805 1 E-MAIL
REF-850-567-001 Intermec 850-567-001 USB SNAP ON ADAPTER FOR 70 SERIES 1 E-MAIL
REF-K-3 Metapace Cash Drawer K-3 1 E-MAIL
REF-988B25J Service Tag: 988B25J - Dell Optiplex 990 1 E-MAIL
REF-H6F4T4J Service Tag: H6F4T4J - Dell Optiplex 960 1 E-MAIL
60507-00-00 SYMBOL power supply 15V 500mA for pdt3100 (PN: 60507-00-00) 1 E-MAIL
50-14000-058R Symbol Motorola PSU 50-14000-058R 5V 2A 100-250VAC (PN: 50-14000-058R) 1 E-MAIL
REF-ST546 Thomson Speedtouch ST546 (POTS) modem 1 E-MAIL
MC3190-RL2S12E0W MC3190 802.11a/b/g, BT, Rotating Head, 1D Laser SE950, 28 key, 128MB Ram/512MB 1 E-MAIL
MC3090-RG0PBAG00WW Symbol MC3090-RG0PBAG00WW Handheld Data Terminal Barcode Scanner 1 E-MAIL
MC3090-RU0PBAG00WR Symbol MC3090-RU0PBAG00WR Handheld Data Terminal Barcode Scanner 1 E-MAIL
MS3580 WEDGE Honeywell MS3580 Quantum T ,1D, WEDGE, presentation scanner incl WEDGE cable 1 E-MAIL
MS3580 USB / RS232 Honeywell MS3580 QuantumT , 1D, USB, presentation scanner incl USB cable 1 E-MAIL
REP-PWRSCN Honeywell Powerscan Repair 1 E-MAIL
DC1000-4000C NTT Motorola DC1000-4000C 4-Slot Docking Cradle (Charge Only) For Et1 Tablet 1 E-MAIL
NEW-LXE-MX8302PWRSPLY PSU AC/DC MX8 (power cord not included) 1 E-MAIL
REP-D60S Honeywell D60S Repair